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The Autism Family Support Association Inc. (AFSA) is a community based volunteer group serving those in Victoria who have a family member/s on the Autism Spectrum. 


terms and conditions


The following conditions of membership should be noted:

Membership is open to individuals only – no groups or organisations please. Staff and members from organisations, support groups and businesses are welcome to join as individuals.

In the case of families, each family member wishing to join should complete a separate membership form.

There is no fee to join AFSA, and there is currently no annual fee. Our operating costs are covered by a state government Disability Self Help Group grant and investment and activity earnings.

When completing a membership application the intending member must agree to support the Purposes of the association and comply with the Rules of the association – see below for details of these.

Submission of an electronic membership application is taken to be signed by the applicant. A paper membership application must be signed by the applicant.

All office bearers and committee members of AFSA must be members of the association.

Once a membership application is received, it is presented at the next committee meeting for acceptance and the new member’s details are added to the association Membership Register and are notified of their acceptance.

Member’s details are securely stored by the Secretary and AFSA does not provide personal information about members to any other parties.

The Autism Family Support Association (AFSA) is an incorporated association and its members elect/appoint a committee to manage the activities of the association at each Annual General Meeting.  The AFSA Rules of Association require a President, Vice President, Secretary (who is also the Public Officer) and Treasurer as well as a number of committee members who each have roles relative to their interests and expertise.

The Purpose of the Association is to assist and support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by providing emotional and practical support for parents, carers and families. (Clause 2.1 of the AFSA Constitution).

The AFSA Rules of Association are based on the Model Rules set out under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic) and attached here.


Phone or SMS:  0421 642 364

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