AFSA Parent Carer Forum 2017

AFSA Parent Carer Forum 2017

AFSA Parent/Carer Forum 2017


The AFSA Parent Carer Forum on the 25th July was a resounding success.  The speakers were generous with their time and expertise and have provided copies of their presentations for us to share.

SPEAKER ONE – Julie Phillips – Effective, practical advocacy advice

SPEAKER TWO – Janice O’Connor – Service Providers and the NDIS

SPEAKER FOUR – Jan Ashford – Communication Aids and the NDIS

Christine Scott, Speaker Three – Managing the Planning Process, spoke at last years AFSA AGM (November 2016) after which she generously allowed us to upload a comprehensive set of documents to our website -see NDIS Information. Christine indicated that some of these documents are being progressively updated and we will update our web site as they become available.  Christine also suggested the following:

  • – a new website to help families/individuals search for services when preparing for the NDIS.  NB. Another site mentioned by Janice O’Connor was which lists Australian Disability Services that have been rated and reviewed by consumers.
  • Person Centred Planning/preparing for the NDIS – a good planning tool for children is on the Association for Children with a Disability website – and for older teens/adults – the VALID documents which are posted in the AFSA NDIS Information section.  NB from AFSA – Yooralla also has some useful resources on their website and Carers Victoria has information from a carers perspective – start here and have a look around their website.
  • In response to a question, Christine gave the following advice re letters of support to the NDIA from therapy providers – the letter should cover three aspects:
    • A diagnosis of the disability
    • How the therapy is related to the disability and what the therapy is going to do, and
    • What are the outcomes – short, medium and long term.
  • Christine also advised the importance of preparation before your NDIS meeting, but if you are presented with a question that you don’t know the specific answer to, make a note of it and say “I’ll get back to you with an answer.”  Don’t say “I don’t know”!
  • Christine also mentioned  the VALID NDIS Families as Planning Partners sessions and courses – see here for information and here for details of upcoming courses/sessions.

Due to unforseen travel delays Stephanie Gotlib was unable to make our Forum.  We will arrange for her to speak at a future AFSA event.

Committee member Michael Meehan took comprehensive notes of each speaker’s presentation – these can be viewed in this pdf document.

AFSA trusts that these documents and links will be helpful – please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries, suggestions or feedback.


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