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NDIS Information

NDIS Code of Conduct

May 2017 - The NDIA has recently released a Discussion Paper relating to the proposed Code of Conduct (Quality and Safeguarding Framework) for NDIS service providers. Further information and links can be found here.  AFSA has submitted a response to this Discussion Paper.  You can download a copy here.


Our AGM Guest Speaker Christine Scott from VALID has kindly provided the following materials to AFSA to upload to our website. 

Please note that these materials are current as at November 2016 - NDIS related information is subject to change as the scheme rolls out and you should check on the NDIS website to confirm the currency of the information. 

At various points in the materials web links are also given to enable the user to research for any changes or updates.

These materials are provided in good faith for use by families and carers - please ensure that any copies made retain full credit to the source of the materials as cited in each document.

1. Guidelines for preparing a Whole of Life Plan - VALID.  There are three documents

These documents will help parents and carers to think in planning terms from the perspective of their child or individual. They are not specific to the NDIS process.

2. NDIA specific documents - This set of four documents (pdf format) contain NDIS information and three sample plans.

3. Documents (pdf format) presented at the AFSA AGM

AFSA welcomes your suggestions for other materials and links about the NDIS - please email these to us.